uhhuh Beware of the bad jokes
beware of the bad jokes

19 and counting. My body lives in Barcelona, my mind I have no idea. Feel free to ask anything! (Requests are closed!)


Turtle dances while showering. [video]

what’s with this pregnancy test meme? i mean why? where does it come from? where is it going? how long will it last? i woke up this morning and every anime character on my dash is pregnant??

*ignore the crappy edit* Okay! so… 500 followers, wowiee when did that happen. Im really baffled tbh, this is so odd, but I’m really grateful. I was drawing a lot before I made this blog, but I didn’t think anyone would really like it, ma fwends encouraged me to make a blog for my art, so here I am. It’s weird and yet really cool to see people enjoy/ freak out over something I draw and its been really encouraging. Honestly without the amount of support all of you provide I probably wouldn’t do it that much, so Im really thankful to all of you who have got me here <3 (y-a-n-d-a-r-e please love me even tho I forgot your name on the edit)

anyways I really gotta thank the peeps who make my dash a lovely experience~ bolds are my homies/ mutuals and italics are me fav artists B)


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Thank you so much!(:


Here’s another one from the IGG campaign last year. This one is for jackdawgin​,who requested a desert-themed Lara.

Initially, I had made a much more mediocre looking pass (which I obviously wasn’t happy with.) That draft was scrapped in favor of this new sketch - which turned out much nicer, in the end.

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