uhhuh Beware of the bad jokes
beware of the bad jokes

19 and counting. My body lives in Barcelona, my mind I have no idea. Feel free to ask anything! (Requests are closed!)


don’t you fucking test me i will draw this porn i swear to god


i’m doing it


How the heck is lesbianism kinky?!!!! :(

I… never said that?

I said MiraxErza was… You know, with the whole Erza and Jellal lovelove drama?


oops, wrong Doctah

És el meu futur, ho veig. Els haikus.

OMG i love your howl icon!!!! i hope you're having a great day!

Well, I definitely am now! Thank youuu! 

The poem.~ Suelta ahí un soneto creativo, pero en inglés para darle handicap a la cosa.

Tengo haikus:

Oh Anna Anna

Banana! Anna Anna

Yo te digo fin.

( iruntospaceonthehorizon )

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